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Products you Should AVOID to Get Great Looking Hair!

There is SO MUCH information on the internet about what products we need to buy to get healthy looking, beautiful hair that it confuses us even more on where to wisely spend our money. After years of testing different shampoos, oils, conditioners, and masks, I can tell you for sure what should be avoided and what products are actually a waste of money!

 SLS Shampoos

We are all guilty of having used Sodium Lauryl Sulphate shampoos at one point in our lives. We like it because it quickly turns the liquid into foam, creating a rich lather, and making us believe that we are cleansing our hair very well.

The truth is the SLS can actually cause our hair to over dry and cause irritation to the scalp, especially for those with existing skin problems like eczema. Moreover, SLS strips the hairs of its natural oils and those with coloured hair should definitely avoid these shampoos (makes the hair look rougher and drier).

SLS Shampoo 

Over Oiling

It is true that applying a coconut/castor/Moroccan oil mask can do wonders to your hair. When applied once a week and for a few hours, the oils can moisturise your hairs, make them stronger, and stimulate hair growth.

However, applying too much oil to your hair means you would have to shampoo extra to wash it off and you would actually be over dying your hair instead of giving it more moisture. Leaving the oil in your hair for more than a few hours is also not a good idea since it can cause the oil to actually form a layer on your scalp, clogging your pores and attracting dirt.

Hair Oil 

Heating Tools

Blow-drying, straightening, and curling makes hair look gorgeous! But that’s in the short term. In the long term, these heat styling tools can actually cause dryness, breakage and damage to your hair.

There are great alternatives to get amazing looking hair without having to use too much heat! Always use a heat protectant spray before using any heat on your hair. This layer will protect the delicate strands of hair and keep the moisture locked in! Replace heat with non-heating alternatives, such as the rollers or spiral curls.

 Hair Heating Tools