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Ryzor Pen X Kickstarter

Ryzor Pen Meets Kickstarter

We are so EXCITED to announce that the Ryzor Pen is launching on Kickstarter soon!


Ryzor Pen 

What is Ryzor Pen?

The Precision Brows Pen by BrowsPop has been a hit product over the past year! With the global pandemic and lockdown, women have had to find alternate ways to remove facial hairs and maintain their eyebrows. BUT, even with salons slowly opening, this product is still in demand. So much in demand, that our customers have asked us to release a product like this for men. And it’s finally here… The Ryzor Pen is the World’s First 3-in-1 Mini Hair Removing Pen! No more funky hairs growing out of funky places! Men can use it for their monobrows, nostril hairs, and ear hairs. It’s painless, instant, and discreet.


But what is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a platform for creative projects to raise money through crowdfunding. The best part is that you do not actually pay for your product unless the project is successful, so there is no risk of you losing your money.  The advantage of being on this platform is that customers will get early access and exclusive discounts for the coolest, newest products on the market!


Ryzor Pen X Kickstarter.

Now for the good news, Ryzor Pen is launching on Kickstarter in just a couple of weeks! You can already sign up to our Mailing List and Facebook VIP group so that you are the first one to be informed about the launch!


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