Face Ice Roller BrowsPop™
Face Ice Roller BrowsPop™
Face Ice Roller BrowsPop™
Face Ice Roller BrowsPop™
Face Ice Roller BrowsPop™ Aqua Green
Face Ice Roller BrowsPop™ Glacier White
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Face Ice Roller

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Roll your way into a youthful glow with the most effective beauty hack - feels great & refreshing! Ice rollers are the perfect way to reduce under-eye bags, puffiness, and to provide instant relief for headaches, inflammation, and sore aches.

Start looking fresher in the mornings when you don't get enough sleep - the Face Ice Roller will massage your pain away instantly in the comfort of your own home.

Proven to be better than other rollers & jade rollers that break easily, the BrowsPop Face Ice Roller is lightweight, doesn't take up space, and provides a soothing feeling

Made for the everyday person, easy-to-use, the Face Ice Roller is the answer for glowing skin - for those who need to:

✓relax after a long day
✓increase collagen
✓reduce bags under eyes in the mornings
✓boost results from the skincare products & beauty routine
✓treat sunburn and dry skin
✓spa-quality treatment on the go - all you need is a freezer!

It is a known fact in the beauty industry that ice therapy is amazing and can do everything from shrinking the look of large pores to decreasing facial puffiness. However, placing ice directly on your skin is inconvenient because of a direct sensation feeling, inconsistent results, and a messy puddle of water on your face!

Just sit & relax! In just 5 minutes, use the ice roller to strengthen collagen fibers, reduce redness & pores, and improve skin texture. 

The Face Ice Roller features an ultra-smooth stainless hypoallergenic shell that encompasses small ice water balls. The roller is not harsh on the skin unlike other plastic rollers that can give a burning feeling. The ultimate clean beauty hack that you need to do the trick! 

Ice rolling can also help boost the effectiveness of your current treatments as gels, creams, and serums are absorbed better.

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How It Works

Cold temperatures cause constriction in the skin. This shrinks the pores and blood vessels resulting in smoother & even-toned skin. 

✓Simply put your ice roller in a zip lock bag & put it in the freezer. Once the mini ice water balls inside the roller freeze, the contact with the stainless steel will make the roller's smooth surface arctic cold!

✓Make up and down movements with the roller on the parts of your face you would like to use it on (can also be used on other body parts) for several minutes. Clean/wash the head off the roller before placing back in the freezer.

The ice roller is not limited to just for beauty, you can also use it as:

ice pack for sunburns & big bites
✓tension relieving neck roller
eye-roller for headache relief
face massager for crow's feet and wrinkles
complexion improving roller
under eye roller & puffy eyes treatment



How long should I use the roller for?
We recommend using the roller for at least 5 minutes.

Can ice therapy work on my type of skin?
Yes! Our ice roller is designed for all skin types including dry, oily, normal.

Can I use this with my other treatments?
Yes! This is a great addition to your daily beauty routine.

Can I leave the roller overnight in the freezer?
Of course, you can leave it overnight & use whenever you want!

How long does the roller stay cold for?
The roller can stay cold for about 30 minutes

    How many times a week can I use this?
    You can use it 3-4 times a week. For optimal results, and in the summer, you can use it for a few minutes, twice a day